Lego town update!

Well my “Lego Town” is in a reconstruction and expansion project, to include a new 1 inch foam base being added below the original foundation to add depth.  As you can see from the crane working in the background many buildings are getting moved around.

Just around the corner construction crews are hard at work clearing the road, in the hopes of opening the new road to the public.

Below, even though there is no public access yet, the traffic division is checking lights for last minute problems.

Port operations are in full swing bringing in supplies for the new construction projects, sadly there is no warehouse yet…

The open market is stocking up on vegetables and fruits to sell. While a couple of kids check out a small skateboard park next door.

And finally the first building to have a new steet address in the rebuilt town… the Lego Gator Pizza parlor, complete with mascot.

Well that’s it for this update, soon to follow a new warehouse at the port, a coast guard station, a rapid transit rail station and much more.


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