Lego Bookstore relocation, Part 1 of 3.

Every town needs a good bookstore and this week the construction team has been hard at work relocating such a store.

As the foundation could not be moved, a local construction team goes to work laying out the tiles.

Of course every construction site needs some traffic control, though I suspect this guy is not really doing all that much.  I bet the guy in the “gator” costume is doing more work trying to sell pizza.

With the foundation complete, the first construction team heads home after a long day of placing tiles.

The work has only just begun, as a second team undertakes the job of getting a heavy crane into position and ready for when the store does arrive.  This is a a big job in its self which will require carefull and controled turns, a police escort, and traffic control.

As the heavy crane clears the intersection, everyone breathes a sigh of relief.  However there will be no break for the team as the first of two heavy transport trucks pulls onto the street with the first floor of the bookstore.

More to come in Part 2.


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