Lego Technic Set 1030 / 1031 – Week 1

This week’s technic feature is 1030-1: Technic I Simple Machines.  Originally  released back in 1985 with 179 parts for $75.00.  However this set was not found on store shelves as it’s actually from the Dacta Theme which was usually sold as an educational product.  If you are looking to own one, head over to eBay where you can find used ones offered for sale on a regular basis, and once in a great while a new one will show up.

The first exercise in this set is to become familiar with removing the parts from the storage box… boring… so I moved on the the second exercise card.

The second card exercise is to show the student / owner of the set how to connect the various pieces together.  A rather simple exercise, but if you have never worked with Lego technic parts do take the time to do this once.

As for building, the back of the card features two projects the first is a simple balancing device.  Pretty cool way to demonstrate how the position of the object and the weight of the object impact balancing the beam.

Do forgive the images, I just picked up a new camera so I am still working out features and settings.

And the second, something you can annoy your dog or wife with… I mean you can use to see how angles can be used as a tool to reach for other objects.

More to come…


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