Lego Technic Set 1030 / 1031 – Week 3

Well made it to week #3 so lets see what exercise #4 yields from the Lego Dacta  1030/1031 set.

Today’s card is all about using leverage, and as you can see in the scan there are several very simple tools provided that one can build.   This is the first card from this set that actually has instructions for building something.  All of the previous cards simply had pictures of the finished designs.

This particular card also has another first, on the back of it there is actually a rather complex model to be built, like the early cards though there are no instructions for the final build.  Instead you have to build it from the provided picture on the back of the card.

So just what is on the back of card #4? A very cool build that demonstrates leverage, a scale!

Add a couple of 2 by 4 bricks to the top of the scale to see how much this changes the position of the arm.

Over all card #4 was a lot of fun to build, and well to experiment with as well.  See ya next week.


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