Series 7 — They’re Here!

And once again the search begins! Series 7 of the Collectible Minifigures has started appearing in stores. Although the LEGO Store Catalog claims they will be available in May, they are already showing up in Toys R Us, Fred Meyer, and other retailers around the US.

Read more at: Series 7 — They’re Here!.

Series 7 complete


3 comments on “Series 7 — They’re Here!

  1. Finally they have arrived in my local shop, a good 2 weeks after friends eleswhere in the country. Manged to get myself a geek, and the kids the tennis player and the important one for the youngest who loves rabbits, bunny guy. Wonder who we’ll find tomorrow. So far 100% sucess in the feel a packet game

      • fingers crossed for you, can’t say I saw any in our toysrus when I was there today, maybe they are waiting until the May release date that was given. Happy as got Bunny Man for the youngest as he is rabbit daft. So far 100% feel rate. Have Bunny, geek, Aztec warrior, and the galatic warrior. We’ll see what monday’s trip to the shops reveals. Hope you get what you want soon

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