Lego Technic Set 1030 / 1031 – Week 11

It’s week #11 of this blog project which brings us to “pulleys” (?). Well more like conveyor belts using rollers…

By the way in case you have not already figured this out, you can click on the image to the right to see “full-size” version of the front of each card.

This week there are only two models, with only one of those that has instructions. A simple model that demonstrates just how a basic conveyor belt works using rollers (pulleys) and gravity to move heavy objects.

Here is a quick picture of the finished model…

On the back of the card is a model of a “zip line” if you will, pretty cool actually as this demostrates the ease of moving a large and or heavy object through the air.

See you next week for card #12.


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