Lego Technic Set 1030 / 1031 – Week 12

 This week’s Lego Technic blog is instructions card #12 (Dacta 1031) for the Technic Dacta set 1030.

And it’s all about using gears, one of my favorite types of builds.  The front of the card shows us two very typical uses for gears, your basic alarm clock and a car transmission.

This card gives us a base model which can be used to build two difference gear use models.  That show how gears can decrease or increase speed to create a motion.

Here is a picture of the first model you can build using the instructions provided.

And here is the model from the back of the card.

Well that’s it for this installment, see you next week.


8 comments on “Lego Technic Set 1030 / 1031 – Week 12

  1. Cool you made this blog. For school I’m the mom responsible for the lego and I’m missing card nr. 4 and 17. Can’t wait for week 17 and card #17, so the kids can make all cards again. How do I follow this blog, can I receive a mail when there is an update? I have checked the box to notify me of comments on this post.

  2. Hi Ralph, Thank you for posting all your Dacta structures! I love reading your introduction. Its gives me an idea how to introduce the structure to the students. Do you have links for your week 4, 5, 9, 11, and 14? Thank you very much

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