Lego Technic Set 1030 / 1031 – Week 13

 Well week 13 has arrived of my Dacta blog postings.  This week we look at card #13 which is all about gears, and the models this time a bit more indepth.  This first model demostrates using gears to move a solid object in a straight line, the second model basic piston functions.

On the back of the card is a 3rd model that demstrates a very complex motion very much like you would see in a modern gasoline engine.   As with all models found pictured on the back of these cards part of the challenge requires a bit of “reverse engineering” in order to build it.  First however the instructions for the first two models. (click on the images to see them in full size)


And now for a quick couple of pictures of the built models.

Model #1

Model #2

and finally Model #3


I received a request to make these scans available in PDF form… so here you go Dacta set 1030 / 1031 Instruction Card 13.


2 comments on “Lego Technic Set 1030 / 1031 – Week 13

  1. Hello, I am trying to figure out model #3 and I just can’t 😦 Can you tell me (or show me the inside of the “chimney”. His the “stick” suppose to go up and down IN the chimney ? Thank you fo any hint you can give me, my 6 years old son would appreciated if I could make his machine work 🙂

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