Lego purchases while traveling.

Yesterday while unpacking my SUV after a long trip to Ohio and back, my wonderful wife said “I think you will be surprised just how much Lego is in there…”  I of course do not acknowledge how any of the alleged Lego pictured below got into the many, many nooks and hidey-holes said SUV has.

I will state however that each of these (except for 2) was purchased at a discounted price, which includes the Pick a Brick cups as well.

So for you Lego buyers who like to travel, I offer these tips.  Get off the Interstates, and get on those back roads.  Then search for Toys R Us, Kmart and Wal-Mart along these back roads (Google Maps is a great tool for this).  The more remote and older the store the better in my experience for finding deals.  Once you find a store, check out every isle of the toy section, as the smaller stores tend to have the clearance in odd places.  But don’t stop at toys, find a dept. manager or an employee and ask them where in the store the clearance stuff is.

For the record, a quick tally shows that I saved 27.8 percent off the combined total retail cost for everything in the picture above, that total includes the 2 sets I actually paid retail for.   So not a bad haul and a great discount as well.


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