Lego Technic Set 1030 / 1031 – Week 18

Its week 18, which means there are only two more blogs for the Lego Dacta Technic set 1030 /1031 series. So before we get into this week’s blog I would like to mention that my next weekly blog series will cover the Lego Dacta Technic set 1032 / 1033.

This week our card features 2 models, each of a windmill but there is only instructions for one of these.   The models demonstrate building technique, gear use, and wind power.  One very nice feature of this build is the blades are tilted, adjusting the tilt on the blades allows you to control the speed of the blade as it spins.

The back side of this week’s card is shown below.

Sorry no pictures on this one, been a long, busy, and ugly week so just did not have the time.    I did did turn the card scans into a PDF so here is the link Dacta 1031 Card 18. See you next time.


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