Lego 2012 U.K. Olympic Minifigures

The Olympic minifigs are some of the rarest collectible Lego minfigs to come out this year.  Second, I think only to the Marvel and DC comic minfigs that are exclusives at select conventions.  Though still available on eBay these minifigs are normally sold in retail stores throughout the U.K. and Ireland.  So buying these anywhere else is expensive, however the time to buy is now… the price will only go up in years to come.

Luckily for me I spend hours working in front of the computer, and thus have time to check for deals on a regular basis.  With some careful purchases I was able to secure a full set of 9, along with a spare relay runner and gymnast as well.   Average cost (ouch) which includes shipping for me was $6.81, I think cost wise I did “ok” for these in the end.

Anyways here is a quick pic of a full set…


4 comments on “Lego 2012 U.K. Olympic Minifigures

  1. strangely though my local store has a lot left and have now been targeted with a low sales sticker, another 2 boxes of series 7 have also just appeared on the shelf with a reduced price. I just hope it doesn’t stop them buying in series 8 ones, otherwise I’m going to struggle to get them so easily.
    But maybe it has something to do with them being slow putting them out on the shelves, the last 2 sets were a good 2 weeks behind everywhere else, so maybe those people are going else where, leaving them with excess stock.

    • I suspect these where lost in a storage/warehouse someplace. Good news if you can get them at a cheaper price 🙂 Still looking for series 8 myself, so far none of the local stores have them.

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