Ten Most Amazing Archaeological Discoveries of 2013

Amazing discoveries 2013

This year has seen some incredible discoveries in the field of archaeology – from ancient myths proven true, to evidence of ancient technology, and findings that have solved enduring mysteries, such as the death of Tutankhamen.  Here we present what we believe are the top ten archaeological discoveries of 2013, excluding those relating to human origins which will be announced tomorrow.

10. Complete Remains of 2,500-Year-Old Chariot and Two Horses Found in Bulgaria.

9. Archaeologists Discover the Guardians of the ‘Gates of Hell.’

8. Ancient Philosophical Writings Found Hidden Beneath Medieval Text.

7. Archaeologists May Have Found the Tomb of the ‘God King.’

6. Amazing Discovery Reveals How China’s Forbidden City was Built.

5. Extensive Ancient Underground Network Discovered Across Europe.

4. 1,600-Year-Old Goblet Shows Romans Used Nanotechnology.

3. Laser Technology Revealed Surprising New Features of Angkor.

2. Incredible Discovery Reveals Birthplace of Buddha.

1. Mystery of King Tutankhamen’s Death Solved After More than 3,000 Years.

– Read the full story at:  Ancient Origins


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