Lego Technic Set 1032 / 1033 – Week 4

Card#4_CoverThis week a quick look at instruction card #4 from the 1032/1033 Dacta Set.  For the most part there is nothing exciting about card #2.  In short several basic construction models are shown to help the builder understand basic parts use.

The models include a small 2 wheeled cart, a couple of Lego girders, and a basic gear assembly.   There are also two models on the back of the card, a simple balancing device and a gear device that creases a strip of paper.

As the balance device is similar to the on in the 1030/1031 Dacta Set, I decided to not build it.    Here are some images of the second model found on the back of card #2.

Need the instruction card?  Just click Dacta 1033 Card #4


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