Lego Technic Set 1032 / 1033 – Week 3

Card#3_CoverThis week a quick look at instruction card #3 from the 1032/1033 Dacta Set.  This week we get our first look at the battery box that supplies power to the motor, and build our first powered models.  The inside of the card shows us several different ways to mount the motors on our favorite Lego blocks, and how to attach various gears, belts, and even axles to the motor.

These models may seem simple, they are however key to understanding how to hold a motor in place while providing power.   Some of these are also fun to build and then run a full power, cautionary note… be sure that all the bricks are correctly and firmly in place.  Otherwise you might find yourself playing a game of “Hide and Seek” to find the parts afterwards.

Here is a quick gallery with images for each of this weeks 4 pages… link at the bottom of the page for the full PDF.

The back of the card shows what I think is supposed to be a saw(?), and a lawnmower.   The saw was easy enough to build, the lawnmower took a look longer to reverse engineer.

Need the instruction card?  Just click Dacta 1033 Card #3


Lego Technic Set 1032 / 1033 – Week 2

1033-2_0004This week a quick look at instruction card #2 from the 1032/1033 Dacta Set.  For the most part there is nothing exciting about card #2.  In short several basic construction models are shown to help the builder understand basic parts use.

The models include a small 2 wheeled cart, a couple of Lego girders, and a basic gear assembly.   There are also two models on the back of the card, a simple balancing device and a gear device that creases a strip of paper.

As the balance device is similar to the on in the 1030/1031 Dacta Set, I decided to not build it.    Here are some images of the second model found on the back of card #2.

Need the instruction card?  Just click 1033 Card #2

Lego Technic Set 1032 / 1033 – Week 1

1032-1Introducing my next “Technic Series” this time I am featuring Technic II Powered Machines 1032-1 (set) with 1033-1 (cards) .  Originally released back in 1985 with 278 parts for about $80.00 in the USA.

This set was not usually found on store shelves as it’s actually from the Dacta Theme which sold as educational product to schools.  If you are looking to own one, head over to eBay  where you can still find used ones offered for sale on a regular basis, and once in a great while a new one will show up.  Below are a couple of quick scans of card #1, there is also a link at the bottom of this blog for a PDF copy of the instruction card.

For this set the first card did not have any actual “builds”, instead it was made to help the user locate parts and show them how to remove each part from the storage tray.   One of the cool features of this set is that it does come with a 4.5volt DC motor, and battery pack for 3 “c” dry cell batteries.   I will get to show that to you with the week 3 installment, so do check back.

Need the full instructions card?  Well here is a link to a PDF version for 1033-1 Card #1