Lego Technic Set 1032 / 1033 – Week 1

1032-1Introducing my next “Technic Series” this time I am featuring Technic II Powered Machines 1032-1 (set) with 1033-1 (cards) .  Originally released back in 1985 with 278 parts for about $80.00 in the USA.

This set was not usually found on store shelves as it’s actually from the Dacta Theme which sold as educational product to schools.  If you are looking to own one, head over to eBay  where you can still find used ones offered for sale on a regular basis, and once in a great while a new one will show up.  Below are a couple of quick scans of card #1, there is also a link at the bottom of this blog for a PDF copy of the instruction card.

For this set the first card did not have any actual “builds”, instead it was made to help the user locate parts and show them how to remove each part from the storage tray.   One of the cool features of this set is that it does come with a 4.5volt DC motor, and battery pack for 3 “c” dry cell batteries.   I will get to show that to you with the week 3 installment, so do check back.

Need the full instructions card?  Well here is a link to a PDF version for 1033-1 Card #1


Lego Technic Set 1030 / 1031 – Week 20

Last one for Lego Dacta 1030 set and the 1031 instruction cards.   Next weekend we move to Dacta 1032 set with the 1033 instruction cards.

In this final set of builds, the models demonstrate how a basic rack and pinion steering system works using gears and axles.  The first model is stationary, the second which is featured on the back of the card is a simple but effective little car.   Only the first model has instructions, so a little reverse engineering is needed to build the second.

Here are two quick pictures of the main model.

And here is the back of card #20, as I need to get the house ready for winter I could not get to this one.

Here is a link to this week’s instruction card (PDF file) Dacta 1031 Card #20.  See you next week for Dacta set 1032!

Lego Technic Set 1030 / 1031 – Week 19

One one more blog left for Dacta 1030, then I move on to a new set!

Here is this week’s Card #19, which demonstrates leverage and axles using two very common examples.  The card features 3 models, of which there are instructions for 2 on the inside of the card.  The first two models show a basic but effective example of how car wheels turn.  The model pictured on the back of the card shows how an axle can be “bent” or “angled” using a fine example of a steering wheel.

Here are a quick picture of the first model, I decided not to build the second model on this one.

And here is a picture of the model featured on the back cover of card #19.

Here is a link to this week instruction card as a PDF file Dacta 1031 Card 19

Lego Technic Set 1030 / 1031 – Week 18

Its week 18, which means there are only two more blogs for the Lego Dacta Technic set 1030 /1031 series. So before we get into this week’s blog I would like to mention that my next weekly blog series will cover the Lego Dacta Technic set 1032 / 1033.

This week our card features 2 models, each of a windmill but there is only instructions for one of these.   The models demonstrate building technique, gear use, and wind power.  One very nice feature of this build is the blades are tilted, adjusting the tilt on the blades allows you to control the speed of the blade as it spins.

The back side of this week’s card is shown below.

Sorry no pictures on this one, been a long, busy, and ugly week so just did not have the time.    I did did turn the card scans into a PDF so here is the link Dacta 1031 Card 18. See you next time.

Lego Technic Set 1030 / 1031 – Week 17

 Wow only 2 more cards after this one for my Lego Technic blog on the Lego Dacta 1030 set with 1031 series cards.   So lets get started with this week’s card, number 17.  The card demonstrates the use of a water wheel along with gears and a pulley to move or lift objects.  A quick side note, you don’t need water to see this model in action simply blow on the blades instead to get the same motion.  There is also an alternative model which builds a device that “hammers” objects.

There aren’t to many water wheels around anymore so keep in mind the same mechanism is used today with modern electric motors, and combustion engines.

So here is a scan of the instruction card, and I have included a PDF file at the bottom of the blog with the full card.

A couple of pictures of the completed build.

Here are a couple of images for the model featured on the back of the card.

Well that is it for this week, oh wait here is the link for the PDF file Dacta 1031 Card 17.  Take care!

Lego Technic Set 1030 / 1031 – Week 16

This week’s blog on the Lego Dacta 1030 / 1031 set brings us to card #16.  This time around the card demonstrates the use of pulleys and structure to lift a heavy weight from position below a fixed crane.  There are two models on the inside of the card with full instructions, the first is fairly simple to build the second a little more complex.  Both models function and demonstrate the principles taught with this card rather nicely.

On the back of the card there is a third rather complex yet very fun model to build and play with.   Running the string for this model was a little tricky with my large fingers, only took about 3 tries to finally get all the pulleys done.

Below is a picture of the first model from the instructions.

Here is a picture of the alternate model from the back of the card.

And the complete instructions for the Dacta 1031 Card 16.