Sasquatch Genocide (How Bigfoot became so stealthy)

Team Tazer Bigfoot explains why Sasquatch avoids human beings. One more piece of the puzzle inserted in place by TeamTazerBigfoot. Searching for the Truth. Uncovering the mystery that is Bigfoot.


Team Tazer Bigfoot – The DNA has been confirmed

From  of Team Tazer… The DNA has been confirmed well not really.  Love his videos as they are both entertaining, and educational at the same time.  Enjoy!

Trail Cam work… some ideas.

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there were two sides going at it, one for and one against and frankly there wasn’t anything definitive you could say it was. Just a fuzzy, “something.”

Stealth camera video, led to over 278 frames being captured for this video.



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Real photograph of bigfoot? no… not in my book.

First let me say … I am no expert with bigfoot aka Sasquatch by any means.  However this photo to me looks fake, and raises a few questions for me.

1) Where is the original photo?  I would love to see the data (EXIF) from the original image.

2) Why does the “fur” look matted?

3) If this was a trap cam, where are the images before and after this?  The creature(?) here is standing still, there should other images while it walks into area covered by such a camera.

Take a look at this video, it’s by “” but covers most of my thinking on this picture.  

Pikes Peak Sasquatch Conference/ Expedition

The first Pikes Peak Sasquatch Conference/ Expedition will be April 28th 2012, hosted by Pikes Peak Regional Cryptozoological Research and Investigators

Please spread the Word the Conference portion will be at the Pikes Peak Heritage Center In Cripple Creek From 10 am to 2 PM. Then out to Multiple Sites for Expedition portion. At this time 3 sites which include the Florrisant Fossil Beds, The Crags Camp Ground trail head and Cathedral Canyon/ Lost Cabin area.

If any one has other location suggestions please let us know. This is a first time organizing anything like this so any Volunteers would be greatly appreciated! Would like to make this annual event but have to see how the first one goes. We want to include all Big Foot/ Sasquatch groups in the area so please pass this along.

If you would like to help out or need more information send us an email to or give us a call at (719) 422-3668.