Railbricks issue 15 available now

Railbricks is an occasionally published e-magazine about LEGO trains. The latest 44-page issue is now available for download for free from the Railbricks website.

RailBircks #15There are some interesting articles in it, in particular an interview with the designers of the latest LEGO City trains.


Lego Narrow Gauge Track System

Found this over on CUUSOO today, it’s only a couple of hours old.  Just like Trainboy7, I feel this is one area where Lego should produce even a limited line of sets for the City and Western themes.   Sadly it is hard enough to buy full size RC track for the current trains, and costly to find the discontinued 9v tracks.  So I don’t expect Lego to accept this idea.


Anyways if you are into Lego trains, please support this CUUSOO project.