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One of the toughest tasks to overcome in the cryptid world is ignorance. Now there is also a fringe of this element that goes on in the paranormal world that is applicable as well. (The folks that are holier than thou thinking paranormal investigation is the “devil’s work.”) So first let me say this disclaimer, […]

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Lego MBA Kit 1, my little changes.

I have a lot going on medically speaking these days that is slowly eating away at me “mentally.”  So while I await surgery later this week, I decided to take on a few small projects to occupy as much of my brain as possible.

So today’s project was to go through the Lego MBA kit #1 the Helicraft, reading every page of material behind this model, and of course build the model as well.  Well here is what the Helicraft looks like after following the instructions



Well seeing the Helicraft needed some “add-ons” like weapons, running lights, and a better defined set of engine intakes and such… here is my improved version.



Added a 1×1 Transparent  Red and 1×1 Transparent  Pink plates to each of the forward weapons.








Added 2 silver 1×1 plates and 4 1×1 Transparent light blue tiles to the engine exhaust ports.  And a set of red and blue navigation lights to each of the wings.

Comments welcome of course… PS the is an excellent series for any Lego Fanatic available at Lego Brand Stores or a as well.